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The premier scoring board for making cards, envelopes, and much more...

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The Paper Crafters Dream Tool

The ultimate scoring board that makes scoring and folding a breeze!

No more crooked cards!

Perform multiple precise scores without measuring or moving the paper resulting in crisp, accurate folds.

Create cards, boxes, and more

Vertical and horizontal markings plus specialty grooves allow you to easily make standard A2 sized cards plus gate fold cards and brochures.

Durable quality design

Very sturdy construction, slightly textured 12" x 12" scoring surface with a raised fence at the top and on the left and right sides.

Scoring Board from Scor-Pal

Innovative scoring tool storage

Scoring tool snaps into a handy storage area makes the Scor-Pal lightweight, easy to store and transport.

Convenient magnetic spot

Special magnetic logo area will hold metal embellishments such as brads so you never lose them.

Enhance with accessories

Accessorize with our Scor-Mat cutting surface and make all types of envelopes with our Scor-Envi template.

Scor-Pal compared to other scoring boards

What makes the Scor-Pal different than other scoring boards?

Since our products are not mass produced, we have always been committed to ensure our quality and overall support is first-rate! We have analyzed customer opinions online and tested out other scoring boards on the market.

Here are a list of reasons why we feel the Scor-Pal is truly the premier scoring board:

  • Overall weight and quality of the board is superior
  • No jumping lines or slightly off measurements
  • Reviews comparing our board to others have said our lines (grooves) are better / deeper
  • More durable scoring tool that lasts longer and is comfortable to hold
  • Works with heavy cardstock and thin paper (won't tear like other boards)
  • Measurements are listed on both the left/right side of the board for quick reference
  • With the Scor-Mat, it doubles as a workspace for convenience (perfect for travelling with)
  • We have over 150 projects online for you to begin crafting!

Over 150 Free Projects free projects to create on our website

Our website offers free stunning paper crafts with unique and inspiring designs. You can learn how to use the Scor-Pal scoring board and tools to their full potential with the aid of easy-to-follow tutorials and detailed assembly instructions.

You will certainly find creativity-sparking ideas in our collection of lovely handmade cards, gift boxes, and much more!

  • Specialty cards
  • Boxes and bags
  • Albums and envelopes
  • Carts, folders, and more!

Scoring Board Projects

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Enhance your Scor-Pal scoring board with extra tools!
Scor-Mat for the Scor-Pal Scoring Board


The translucent dual-sided Scor-Mat fits exactly in the recessed area of your Scor-Pal. One side is a self-healing cutting mat with 1/8th increments in white and inch markings in black. The other side is a shiny work surface. After scoring, no need to put your Scor-Pal away, simply insert the Scor-Mat and work away.

Scor-Envi for the Scor-Pal Scoring Board


The Scor-Envi helps you to create 12 different size envelopes including the most used A2 envelope and lots of square envelopes too. A chart is printed on the tool for handy guidance. If you like to do embossed grids and diagonal scoring patterns this is the perfect tool.

Scor-Bug for the Scor-Pal Scoring Board


The Scor-Bug is a rotary tool which embosses a row of pearl like little bumps adding texture and relief to your card stock. The reverse side becomes a straight row of little depressions that look like piercing. Simply run the engaged rotary Scor-Bug up the groove of your Scor-Pal over the card stock.

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